Google Authenticator on Your PC

You must secure your Google account, and Google Authenticator for Windows offers an additional layer of protection. Almost everyone has a Google account, necessary for services like using an Android device or the Google Play Store. Despite the security of Google as a platform, the ongoing threat of hacking persists, and the Google Authenticator application plays a key role in enhancing online security.

Google LLC developed Google Authenticator, initially as a mobile client. Although Google Authenticator has not received official release for computing devices, this article outlines straightforward techniques for using it on a Windows PC.

Advantages of Using Google Authenticator

As mentioned earlier, Google Authenticator actively introduces an additional security level to your Google account through two-step verification. Google actively protects against hackers with this patented security system by requiring both a password and an authentication code sent to your phone.

Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator

Key Features of Google Authenticator App

  • Generates verification codes on the phone without requiring a data connection.
  • Compatible with various programs and accounts.
  • Offers dark and normal modes for user comfort.
  • Includes a QR code for seamless authentication.
  • Facilitates account transfer using QR codes.

Google Authenticator for Windows

While Google Authenticator is primarily designed as a mobile client and not officially available for Windows PC, it can still be used on a PC through the download of an Android emulator. Emulators simulate a virtual operating system on your PC, enabling the execution of Android programs. Users often prefer the Bluestacks emulator for this purpose due to its reliability, popularity, and optimization for Windows devices.

How to Download Google Authenticator on PC:

Follow these steps to easily install Google Authenticator using the Bluestacks emulator:

  1. Obtain the “Bluestacks” Android emulator app by searching on Google.
  2. Install and open Bluestacks, waiting for the emulator to load.
  3. Open Bluestacks and access the Play Store app within the emulator.
  4. Sign in with a Gmail ID and actively use Google Play Store services. Then search for Google Authenticator.
  5. Complete the installation, and the program will actively be ready to use.

Alternatives to Google Authenticator

Fortunately, there are some good alternatives to Google Authenticator available directly for Windows computers. Below we will actively tell you about some of the authenticators:


As its name suggests, WinAuth actively targets the Windows computer. It remains a portable and open source authenticator that allows you to actively implement Google Authenticator on your computer. It can also actively be used for different games, exchanges and other things.

Authenticator (Google Chrome Extension)

Authenticator actively remains a simple Google Chrome extension that can actively serve as a complete authenticator app.

Authenticator (Google Chrome Extension)
Authenticator (Google Chrome Extension)

Although it actively is not an official Google product, it actively allows you to synchronize using a QR code with the Google Authenticator on your phone.

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