EXOIDS (Exoskeletal Androids) are descendants of military insect robot technology and have since developed intelligence. Their aggressive and territorial programming carries over to make them the most persistently sinister force on Earth. Click through the gallery below to learn more...

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  • TankRoach

    The TankRoach is a heavy duty, fist line of defense vehicle with reenforced tritanium shielding..

  • JetFly

    Quick, agile and precise, the JetFly is an elite long range fighter Bot.

  • Scorpion

    The Scorpion is the Police of the Exoid world. It patrols Exoid occupied territory for anything unusual.

  • HeliWasp

    The HeliWasp supports the Scorpion to Police Exoid territory.

  • AntCycle

    A worker bot, the AntCycle is the closest thing to a civilian Exoid.

  • CamBot

    The CamBot is installed at the perimeter of Exoid territories as the first line of surveillance.